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September 25, 2007 at 9:38 pm 2 comments

Hey everyone and anyone,

I apologize for this update from the road coming so late after our departure from Virginia Beach on September 9th. For many reasons we’ve had limited to work on this blog and we have to rely on Public Libraries- like the one I’m in right now in Danville, Kentucky- for internet access. We hope to add itinerary details along with commentary, pictures, and videos about once a week until we finish. As of now we estimate reaching San Francisco by late October just in time for a West Coast Halloween. For me, this trip has become a great chance to reflect on this year’s Halloween costume and many ideas have surfaced such as vampire, a biker in full spandex!!! (gross and causes ostricism from communities), possibly trashman (a collection of garbage from the roadside) and many more.

First off we would like to give our support to Sylvie Fadrhonc who was in a terrible car accident Thursday morning, September 13th. Sylvie, we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you in Colorado. Will Fadrhonc, one of Sylvie’s older brothers, was on the road with us for the first five days but upon hearing the unfortunate news flew to Colorado immediately to be by his sister’s side and with his family. Our love and support goes out to the Fadrhonc family. To post a message for Sylvie please visit her CaringBridge website at: www.caringbridge.org/visit/fadrhonc.

Inspired by Barclay McFadden IV’s point that the TransAmerica Trail detailed by Adventure Cycling Association starts at Yorktown, Virginia, on the Chesapeake and not the Atlantic we stubbornly started the ride at Virginia Beach. It must have been really easy to comment on the legitimacy of the ocean-to-ocean bike ride from a desk chair in Norfolk.

Virginia Beach

The riding has been terrific so far and I have quickly realized that this is by no means a vacation even though some of my elders may refer to this post-college adventure as coasting. Since leaving Virginia Beach the weather has been fantastic with no rain yet but we are heading for a cold front and expect rain in the next two days. When we started the trip none of us had rode over 60 miles in a days or spent more than four hours on a bike seat. A bike seat is a generous name for hard leather slab that rubs you in all the wrong ways. I brought my brother Thomas’ Appalachain Trail tent which must have been on store display as a miniture model for tents and a fleece sleeping bag for middle school slumber parties. So trial by fire- nothing to do with Will’s locks- has been my adolescent style of learning and worked so far.

We cruised across the coastal plains of Virginia averaging 60 mile days and made it to Charlottesville, Virginia on the fifth morning. Charlottesville is the gateway to the Appalachains and Berea, Kentucky supposedly the exit. From books, blogs, friends, and other riders we heard that the Appalachains would be the most difficult part of the ride because not only does it have the most climbing but the grades are very steep since the roads were constructed a long time ago. I think of them more as donkey trails fashioned as a dead squirrel slalom couse. The hills were so tough, coupled by coal trucks owning the road.

A memorable night was spent in Haysi, Virginia in the 300 sq. ft. town park sleeping behind a tree and flagpole for privacy and mainly security. The Eco-Patriots went there so you don’t have to go. After an epic 90+ miles yesterday with big climbs, 90 degree temperatures, and about 5 aggressive Kentucky dogs we reached Berea, Kentucky. I am excited to finally do an American century ride (100 miles) and think we will accomplish this soon, but came very close yesterday.



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Home Sweet Super 8 Motel

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  • 1. steve eisen  |  October 3, 2007 at 1:00 am

    Hey Ryan
    Have been waiting for some word. Andrew told me about some of your adventures. Went to Middlebury last week-end, to see Eisen and his house. Both need work. Keep safe,regards to george

  • 2. Steve Chance  |  October 8, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    Hey Boys,

    I heard about the little “problem” in Ryan’s crotch. I just got my braces off, so I think I can help you fix it. Stay risky,

    Mr. Vegas

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